My Favorite Year

My Favorite Year (18th-21st February 2015) was produced by Trevelyan College Musical Society (TCMS) and performed in the dining hall at Trevs. I designed and programmed the lighting and led the rig and focus, which was hung on a truss structure built temporarily for the show. The performance space, available power and budget were tight constraints on the design, and it was the first time I had worked with truss. I had an 18ch dimmer rack for the overhead conventional fixtures, a pair of MAC Auras and a bunch of very low-end LED Pars. I also used an Alphapack to power some profiles rigged on a T-bar in front of the control position for some additional frontlight. Since projection of video content was used throughout the show, I designed and built a blackout paddle using an Arduino and a small servo that could be controlled by DMX. The show was run from a Zero 88 Jester ML24 which worked well for the scale of the show, but was a bit limited in terms of tracking and cue timings. The show received generally favourable reviews (Palatinate, DTR).

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